Fruit Bath Mini Session

It’s Christmas over here at the Clark house! This is such an exciting season! Our son, Zachary, is now 8 months old and totally runs the show. He can finally sit up really well unassisted, so we were able to do this long awaited fruit bath shoot for his 8 month photos! I’ve been looking forward to this since before he was born! Since it’s Christmas time I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite Christmas smells with the oranges and cranberries! This little guy is so much fun! Enjoy these fun photos!

Happy 8 months sweet boy! We love you so much!

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Love, Ashton, Kyle, Zach, & Duke

**Please note: no babies were harmed in the making of these photos. My husband was right next to us closely watching the entire time. Zach also rarely ever puts anything in his mouth, so we knew he wouldn't try to eat the cranberries. If you want to do photos similar to these but your baby eats everything, I recommend using strawberries instead! Never leave your baby unattended near food or water.**