Hello Friends!

I'm Ashton. I enjoy adventure, coffee with friends (we should do that soon), singing (horribly) in the car with my husband, and cooking loads of yummies in my kitchen! I'm a Fresh 48 and Wedding photographer located in the Birthplace of Mardi Gras... Mobile, Alabama! There's a lot I love about living here, (the beautiful oaks, the azaleas, the old architecture) but I would have to say it's the people that keep my heart alive for this city.

In April 2018 my husband, Kyle, and I welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world. Becoming a mother has been the hardest, yet most beautiful, experience of my life. Now that I am entering this new season of my life, I feel as though I can relate to my clients even better than before. It wasn’t until after my son was born that I now realize how incredibly special those first few days in the hospital truly are. This is why I started doing Fresh 48 photography. We take the time to have our the moment we say “I do” photographed, so why not those first couple days of life? The first time grandparents meet their grandchild, the moments of mom holding their sweet baby they have carried for months, and the excitement that this precious baby is finally here. It’s such a sweet, sweet time.

I also specialize in weddings because the day you make that covenant is the first day of your new life. I'm living 4 years and counting in that new life and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my wedding. It's one of the most special days in my book, so I know it will be in yours too.

I strive to make your experience personal, fun, and engaging. By building a relationship with you, I am able to offer you photographs that express who you truly are. I seek to engage my couples with creating genuine memories together rather than a session full of awkward poses.

Enough about me, I want to learn more about YOU!

Lets chat soon over coffee! Go and shoot me a message on my contact page!

-Ashton C.

Photo of my sweet family by my friend Destiny Brinkman.

Photo of my sweet family by my friend Destiny Brinkman.